Customer Satisfaction is our goal.


Employee Benefits is our game.



At T.E.B. Benefits Group, we know the value of two very crucial components at EVERY organization:


  • People
  • Technology


That is why we focus on solutions that will help you bring these two aspects together.


However, things have to be done right. Because we tailor our services to your needs, we will give you the big picture run-down of our services. Get in touch with us so that we can show you in detail what we can do for you.



More time spent designing equals less time spent maintaining.



We know that every organization is different. So we can help you create superior benefits by customizing each benefit to your specific needs.


From your Medical plan and core benefits all the way to your Voluntary benefits, and everything in between.


We sit down with your administrators, gather their input, and provide them with all the tools we have to offer. From there, you can pick and choose what you need.



It is only smart.


Your processes, always at fingertips length.



TechMark HR, our state-of-the-art online management system provides you and your employees with a one-stop shop for all your needs.


Take control of your HR, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Time & Management, and Administration processes. All in one place.


From tracking applicants to benefit selections, and everything in between, our system is designed to make your life easier.




Move forward. The better way.





Always be confident that you are moving in the right direction.



Staying up to date with HR Regulations is no easy task. Especially when you have an entire workforce to manage, prospects to go through, and paperwork to process.


Our HR Consulting services will provide you with the reassurance you need to make sure you are taking the decisions that are in your company's best interest.





Let us guide your path to success and peace of mind.


We take care of your Tracking and Reporting,

so you can take care of your business.




The tracking and reporting requirements that the new Health Care Reform implemented can be overwhelming. T.E.B. in partnership with ETC can help by providing the following services:


LOOKBACK CALCULATION SUPPORT – Load previous year’s data to determine your workforce size, determine proper measurement periods, and assist your broker/agency in creating an accurate census to be used in designing a benefits plan.


ANALYZE – Evaluate whether your organization is best served by using the Look-Back Measurement Method with variable hour employees, part-time employees and seasonal employees.  If a Measurement Period/Stability Period is appropriate for your company, track your workforce and advise on the best parameters to put in place with respect to eligibility.


INTERFACE – Upload payroll data from an Excel or CSV file and interface between other technologies such as onboarding systems and benefits enrollment systems to ensure accurate and necessary information is shared with those members of your team who need it.  We are your independent consulting advisors prepared to work with your broker on your behalf to find the best ACA compliant solutions.


DOCUMENT – Consider ETC your database – we collect your data, retain your data and distribute your data when you need it or others request it.


PREMIUM SAVINGS – ETC will support you in identifying former employees who should be removed from health insurance as “active employees” and be offered COBRA.


ALERT – We Alert YOU when you need to do something – no need to log in to the system to find your pending tasks (Patent pending system).  Customize for each client the reporting and notification process to fit into your current HR processes as best as can be delivered.


6056 REPORTING – ETC will prepare 1095’s/1094’s and provide to the IRS as a matter of course for 2015 and forward reporting requirements.


ERISA RULES – ETC will provide you with the needed legal language and guidance to utilize the safe harbors in a fully compliant manner.  If desired, partner division ETC HR can provide ERISA wrap, SPD, and ERISA notice support.


INDEMNIFY – ETC stands by its calculations and alert system.


Planning for the future has never been easier.




The future starts today. Provide your employees with an easy way to plan for theirs with our 403b and 457 administration tool. From the moment they enroll, they have access to their accounts, they remain in control of their contributions, and are even able to take out loans, all within the system.


Saving for retirement does not have to be a risky hassle. Let us help.



Getting ready for a great retirement starts here.


It is always better to have choices.




Our years in the industry have allowes us to establish relationships, work with, and represent excellent insurance companies such as MetLife, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, VOYA (formerly ING), UNUM, Trustmark, Cigna, Superior Vision, The Hartford, United Concordia, and more.


So, trust us when we tell you that the choices are very important. Your employees and your company's bottom line will be equally satisfied.


Some of the voluntary benefits we offer are:


  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Critical Illness (i.e. cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.)
  • And more!



Personalize your benefits today.